Domestic Air Ticketing in Nepal

The Nepal Airlines and other domestic airlines operate an extensive network of air service in the interior parts of Nepal. Major domestic carriers besides Nepal airlines operating in the Nepali skies includes Yeti Airlines, Buddha Air, Tara Airlines. All privately owned and operate.

In Nepal, the regions in mountains and high Himalayas are not well connected with roads and highways. People are forced to walk several days and carry the goods by animals to reach to the convenient urban place. Considering the same and the government of Nepal has built several airfields with Short Take off and Landing (STOL) facilities and even the cost for the domestic air-tickets has been subsidized for its people. However, attractive fares for tourist have also been worked out for the places which are considered as the important tourist destination. Write to us for more information and reservation.

Domestic Airlines in Nepal

Buddha Air

Tara Air

Yeti Air