Nepal Mountain Biking

Telicho Lake Mountain BikingNepal has now achieved world wide recognition as one of the best mountain biking destination in the world. Nepal Mountain biking (Nepal Cycling Tour) is a young sport in Nepal. The trail and excitement involved in the sport is making it popular day by day. Lots of Nepali has taken seriously to make the sport and their dedication is such that Nepal ranked fifth in the Asian mountain bike cross country championship in 1999 in a short span of time.

The idea of Nepal Bike Tours was first formed in Marin country, in California, in the early eighties. However, in 1996 it got included in the Olympic Games and later on in 1998 the sport got an early into the Asian games. The national sports council of Nepal officially recognized it as a sport in 1995.the first mountain biking world cup series place in 1991 and its nine-race circuit covered European and North America.

Himalaya Mountain Bike Tour has new achieved worldwide recognition as one of the best mountain biking in Nepal destinations. Nepal Cycling Tours The reason being that it is a mountainous country with diverse landscapes and breathtaking natural beauty. The numerous dirt roads and the trail that lead to scenic place inside and outside the valley have made Nepal a favorite among mountain Bikers. This fact has lead to the growth of foreigners coming to the Himalayan Kingdom of Nepal specially for the biking. The Adventure Mountain Bike Tour in Nepal Tilicho Lake Mountain Biking, Annapurna Mountain Biking and Upper Mustang Mountain Biking. Mountain Biking Package Tours in Nepal the organize by Trip Himalaya Mountain Biking.

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