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Mr. Thagandra Gurung (Mountain Bike Guide):

Mr. Thagandra Gurung (Mountain Bike Guide)Born in one of the remote villages of Matsyapokhari V.D.C. Ward No. 2, Sankhuwa-sabha in eastern Nepal. He grew up there in an ordinary family, going to the village primary school and working hard as a farmer. When he finished school he came to Kathmandu to work. He was interested in working in tourism, beginning first as a porter supporting trekking groups, including work in on a bike trek, a trip during which he fell in love with mountain bikes and became a great friend with one trip member who gave him a bike and taught him how to become a better rider. Thagandra then began to lead groups, particularly bike treks. He is now a very experienced mountain biker and bike trek leader, and participated in many bike races including both national and international events such as the Chamonix bike race in 1990 in France, the Cristalp bike marathon in Switzerland in 2001, and the Classic bike race 2004, also in Switzerland, as well as Himalayan championship events and triathlons in Nepal. Thagendra Gurung, he has been participate 12. Swiss-Bike-Masters Race on 24th July 2005. He has finished in 10:24:02,2 (120km) race and he got 94 Rang on the Race.He has visit many other countries, including France, Germany, Luxembourg, Belgium, the Netherlands, Italy, UK and Switzerland in Europe, and Thailand, China and India in Asia.