Nepal Trekking Gears

Equipments for Trekking in Nepal- Trekking Gears Nepal

Boots, Crampons, Gaiters
. Light hiking boots
. Gaiters
. Crampons (step-in bindings preferred)

Mitts & Gloves
. Light synthetic gloves - 3pr (Capelins or polypropylene)
. Wool (or pile) mitts and Gore-Tex over mitts

Technical Clothing
. Polypro or Capelins long underwear (2 sets)
. Pile jacket and pants (pants must have full separating side zips)
. Gore-Tex shells (top and bottoms, bottoms must have full separating side zips)
. Down jacket (medium to heavy weight)

. Wool or pile socks (4pr light liners, 4pr heavy liners)

. Head lamp (spare bulbs and batteries)
. Glacier glasses
. Wool or pile hat

Nepal Sleeping Bag
. Sleeping bag (expedition quality, rated to 0 or -15 F) depend on height.
. Sleeping pads (2)

Climbing Tools
. Ice Axe: (standard; around 65-70 cm, depending on height)
. Double boots (plastic)
. Seat harness:
. Locking carabineers: 2 (Automatic locking type with large pear shape)
. Climbing ropes and proceds

. Backpack: Internal frame pack 5,000
. Pee bottle (one-liter large mouth)
. Water bottles (2 one-liter large mouth)
. Sunscreen (maximum block)
. Lip sunscreen

Nepal Traveling
. Large duffel bag for transporting all your gear at airports and on
. Pack animals.
. Toiletry bag
. Travel clothes
. Personal first aid kit
. Small day pack for water bottle, camera and fleece needs during the day.